When it comes to the holidays, we always seem to have one thing on our minds: SHOPPING! We think of who we have to buy gifts for, what places to shop, store hours, shopping budgets...the list goes on and on.

Holiday shoppers are always thinking of what to buy, but do they ever stop and think what not to buy? Yahoo! recently came out with a list of 12 things to not purchase during the holiday season. Here's what they recommend not to put in your shopping cart:


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Who doesn't want a brand-new laptop waiting perfectly wrapped underneath the Christmas tree? But if you are purchasing a discounted laptop this season, chances are you are buying an older model that retailers are hoping to get rid of! If you want the newest model, wait for back-to-school season for a better deal.


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The same goes for cameras! If you want a newer model, wait until February after they actually have newer models.


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Most of the time when the holidays arrive, so does the snow, which ultimately means skiing. Don’t go out and purchase brand-new gear when you can wait until March and April for a much better discounted price.


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Bicycles seem like a good idea since no one can ride them during the long winter months, right? Wrong! Hold off until after the holidays, when retailers are not trying to sell you every gadget to make up for the sales loss.


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Everyone wants a new car for Christmas -- I know I do! But car dealers are trying to get rid of old models before the new year starts. So plan on buying a new car after your New Year’s kiss!


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I know the cold weather makes you want to purchase a cruise to escape away to some hot, exotic place. But the best time to purchase a cruise is after the holiday, from January to March.


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Luggage made it to the list, although I don’t know who wants to receive luggage for Christmas! But anyway, after the holiday season is the best time because not a lot of people are going on vacations anymore, so prices decrease.


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This next one is most likely going to make ladies cry. I know: Who doesn't want a pair of golden earrings or a diamond ring on that glorious Christmas morning? But wait until the no-gift-giving months (April, July and August) for a better deal.  Maybe you’ll get two diamond necklaces for the price of one!


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Linens are also better to buy after New Year’s.  Department stores start discounting in January.


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I know we all want to buy our dads or husbands that new tool he keeps mentioning is missing from his toolbox.  Trust me, he will love it just as much on Father’s Day when prices fall by 25 percent.


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Tell your man to wait until January to get that new suit he looks so handsome in.  Spring collections come out, and Fall / Winter suits go on sale!


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If you’re thinking about purchasing Broadway tickets for the whole family, think again! January and February beat the previous months with better discounts.  July is also a better month since not a lot of people are going to the shows.

I hope this list helps you in every way possible.  If you’re budget is a little tight this year, consider waiting to purchase these desirable gifts. Happy Holidays! And as always, Happy shopping!

Contributed by Maria Manunta