I am extremely impatient. Stop and go traffic drives me nuts let alone stand-still traffic. Imagine being in an 125 mile long traffic line. This would send me through the roof. Guess how long a driver was in line?


The traffic jam, in Russia by Moscow and St. Petersburg is reportedly the biggest traffic jam ever. Now, this has been building up since last Thursday and by Sunday, December 2nd it hit the 125 mile long-high. For some, it was a three-day ordeal to get to their destination.

As I heard this story I thought, "well, my truck would not last 3 days of being on the entire time AND even if I turned my car on and off, who knows if anyone else would run out of gas adding to the problems of the build up". CNN reports that "some gas stations sold out and store owners on the highway raising prices for coffee and beverages, officials set up a support hotline to help motorists psychologically".