Does your wardrobe need an upgrade for the new season? Not sure what looks are in this summer?

Our friends from Eastern Hills Mall are here to help! Here are their 14 favorite trends for Summer 2014!

  • 1

    Tribal Or Exotic Prints

    Prints are nothing to be scared of! Get exotic with your look this summer!

  • 2

    It's Hip To Be Square!

    Looking boxy is always a no-no -- but add a nice square jacket, and your waist will look smaller!

  • 3


    This isn’t the floral print on your grandma’s couch! This style is in!

  • 4

    A Sheer Blouse

    It's sassy, it's sophisticated, it's sheer! Lay a sheer blouse over a nice cami or tank, and you'll be looking effortless and professional!

  • 5

    Palazzo Perfection

    This trend is the newest alternative to those uncomfortable jeans!

  • 6


    We’re not talking flapper style with fringe everywhere, but a touch of fringe is everything these days.

  • 7


    Pleats are classic. Wear them right, and you will be too!

  • 8

    Orange Is The New Black

    Need we say more?

  • 9

    Shiny Fabrics

    We're heading back to the future -- metallics are in!

  • 10

    A Pop Of Color!

    Show your style with a statement piece in a bold color -- purse, heels, jewelry, you name it!

  • 11

    Show Some Skin

    A little skin never hurt nobody! Crops are all the rage.

  • 12

    Make A Statement

    Say something with your fashion! There's nothing like a bold statement t-shirt.

  • 13


    Look a little flashy without going overboard! A little sparkle will make anyone feel like a princess.

  • 14

    White On White

    The rules have changed: Wear white whenever you want, however you want!