I sat in front of the TV last night and cried.  What a beautiful girl...veil wrapped around her head, speaking like someone too wise for her years, talking about the importance and RIGHT of educating young girls in Pakistan.  She spoke as if she was used to the cameras and interviews, very articulate and to the point- talking about how educating women was NOT against the koran as the Taliban had said.  It did not matter.  They shot her.  IN THE HEAD execution style.  My god.

In the middle of all this I called out for my 13 year old son Declan.  We watched together as they explained again the plight of this amazing young girl...who incredibly, is in stable condition.

It's times like this when I try to talk to my son about issues like this.  As terrible as it was to see on TV it was an opportunity to talk to my son about the freedoms we here in the US enjoy every day...and how the fight for human rights continues...even in 2012.  Some parents shelter their kids from news like this thinking it's too much for them.  I for one look for these opportunities.  We take SO many things for granted because of where we live and HOW we live.

This young girl, whose name is Malala Yousufzai is a hero who I hope the world hears more of in the coming years.  Half-joking, I said to my son "So I want you to think of her the next time you complain to me about doing your homework".  We laughed...and then hugged.  Lesson learned.  I hope Malalal gets to teach us many more lessons in the future.