Honestly, I don't watch an award show unless it's BET or MTV. My favorite part of an award show like this is the pre-show. I want to see what everyone was WEARING!!!!!!

Here is a recap of some of the hottest and most talented celebs of tonight!

Always sexy, and classic: Alec Bladwin

The sassy and outspoken Glee star looks amazing in a sexy black dress: Amber Riley

Funny girl turned glam: Tina Fey

Always sexy and curvy, she didn't dissapoint: Sofia Vegara

Even bearded and rugged he looks as handsome as ever: Christian Bale

Who doesn't love her!!! She is everyone's favorite Golden Girl: Betty White

She's looking better and better after her split from Tony Parker: Eva Longoria

She surprised me with this elegant look: Hilary Swank

This is one of the worst looks to me, very plain jane- too frumpy for the award show: Jenna Fischer

I do love Kim Kardashian and she usually hits it on the nail, but this dress- although very pretty, falls flat to me

It;s great to see the real Lea Michele when she isnt on Glee. She has a great fashion style.

My favorite family: Modern Family

What was she thinking!! From her hair to her makeup to the color of the dres... All WRONG: Paz De La Huerta