In the 85 or so years that Disney has made cartoons and feature films, among other things, you might think that they had done just about everything in those fields. But an Austrialian dj who uses the professional name of Pogo has taken some of their classics in a whole new direction!

Pogo specializes in making short music videos from bits and pieces of longer works. He's used everything from the Peter Pan update Hook to the sometimes disturbing stories of cable-TV's Dexter. But he seems to do his best work with Disney films (he's so good, in fact, that Disney has hired him to make "official" videos).  Let's start with his take on Disney's first full-length cartoon, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

[pogo, via YouTube]

Just remember, everything you hear [except for a rhythm track] is taken from the movie itself. Next up, a video based on the 50's release of Alice In Wonderland:

[UnnoficialPogoMusic, via YouTube]

Finally, here's a charming take on the recent Pixar release Up!:

[DisneyPixar, via YouTube]

You can see more of Pogo's videos at his website.