Full transparency here:  I've done EVERY diet.  Pills. Patches. No carbs. All carbs. Cabbage soup. All veggies. No veggies.  Starving. Aerobicising my buns off.  I have a collection of workout DVDs that could rival the video section at Target.

I did lose a significant amount of weight (42.5 lbs) in 2007 with the calories in/calories out method.  Medical issues and life happenings lent their way in my gaining about 20 of it back in the past 3 years, but I'm on my way to losing again.  Like everyone, I'm kind of "focused" at this time of year, so I stumbled on these 3 tips that may help.

1. Keep your hands cold while exercising.  One study says it helps with endurance and makes you more comfortable.  Just picking up a bottle of cold water will do it.

Getty Images, RunPhoto

2. Work out with someone who's in better shape than you are. Apparently, working out with someone who's in better shape than you are makes you competitive about your workout.

Getty Images, Steve Debenport

3.  Bring your dog to work with you.  Oh if this was possible for me, I'd weigh 12 pounds.  Obviously most of us aren't allowed to.  But people who DO bring Fido with them get more exercise, because they always go on walks during their lunch breaks.

Getty Images, Square Dog Photography

Share any of your random/weird things you've heard about here too!

<3 LD