Spring is on the way, and we will hopefully be seeing way more of this huge ball of gas!

The surface of the sun is so active, I don't think we realize how much is going on up there.  See a three-year view in three minutes below.

Somethings to look out for as you watch the video:

"There are several noteworthy events that appear briefly in this video. They include the two partial eclipses of the sun by the moon, two roll maneuvers [by the observatory, as it changes position], the largest flare of this solar cycle, comet Lovejoy, and the transit of Venus. The specific time for each event is listed below, but a sharp-eyed observer may see some while the video is playing.

— "00:30;24 Partial eclipse by the moon

— "00:31;16 Roll maneuver

— "01:11;02 August 9, 2011 X6.9 Flare, currently the largest of this solar cycle

— "01:28;07 Comet Lovejoy, December 15, 2011

— "01:42;29 Roll Maneuver

— "01:51;07 Transit of Venus, June 5, 2012

— "02:28;13 Partial eclipse by the moon"