This was supposed to be the wrap-up to "35+" Mom's Week. I was going to put up some more videos of '80's hits that we play on The New 96.1/Joy-FM, maybe add some funny pictures from that era. But, due to circumstances beyond our control...

..we find ourselves mourning the death of Donna Summer.

If you were growing up during the "Disco era", as I'm guessing most of our 35+ mom were, you couldn't have gone to a dance club, turned on your TV or, yes, your radio without hearing at least some of her music. Here are three songs that always got my attention:

"On The Radio" was the theme song from the 1980 movie Foxes. The movie wasn't terribly memorable, but the song became a classic:


Just before that song came out, she released her biggest album success, the 2-record set [and yes, that used to be a big deal when an artist put out two records together] "Bad Girls". Here's a live performance of the title song from that era:


This last one never made it to our playlist. But it was one of her more popular post-disco hits, "This Time I Know It's For Real"


Thank you for the memories, Ms. Summer...