We surveyed all the teachers we know, including Mrs. P (listen to our conversation with her below...you are never going to believe what she got as a gift from a student one year!), and we have for you...

Val Townsend & Tony P.'s Top 5 Gifts for Teachers:

1. Coffee Gift Cards: Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Dunkin'. According to our sources, all are good choices. Clearly these people need to be well-caffeinated in order to keep up with our kids. Support that effort!

2. General Retail Gift Cards: Department stores, Amazon. These cards are popular, because they are useful, universal, and easy for you to get!

3. A Personal Gift (no, not like what Mrs. P. got one year...): A gift that shows a personal connection between the teacher and student Maybe its something the student made, or helped to pick out.

4. Letter of Praise Sent to the Teacher's Principal: This suggestion came from a teacher friend. She said the best gifts she gets are letters like these -- where the parent writes what they value about the teacher's role and interaction with their child; send the letter to the principal, and include a copy in a Christmas card to the teacher.

5. Alcohol: It may fall into the "inappropriate" category depending on the teacher and school. But wine/liquor/or gift cards to *adult beverage* stores ranked high in our research. If you know your child's teacher well enough to give the gift of some holiday spirit, go for it.