Labor Day weekend is the traditional end of Summer in Western New York; The New 96.1 Joy-FM is giving it a proper send-off starting tomorrow with our Labor Day Summer Song Weekend. I thought I'd give you a sneak preview with five songs that just say "Summer" to me.

Starting us off, the hottest performer of the last two Summers, Katy Perry, singing her hit "California Gurls" live on Australian TV [you can tell it's Australia by Katy's dress]:

[ChernyChevRussia, via YouTube]

When that song came out, there were rumors that Brian Wilson, who wrote the Beach Boys classic "California Girls" might sue, since Katy's song quoted a line from his original. Turns out he rather liked her take on Caluifornia girls. Since he was such a good sport, his version is next:

[lollersaurus, via YouTube]

Next up, Kid Rock's smash of a couple of years back, "All Summer Long". It reached # 1 in eight countries, and also gave the Kid a hit on Country radio:

[Creamfilled941, via YouTube]

Technically, my next pick isn't a "Summer" video. But warm Summer nights always make me think of "Night Fever", from the BeeGees [it also gives me a chance to say hi to former neighbor Lance Diamond, Buffalo music icon and host of The Saturday Night Dance Party Saturdays 6 PM - Midnight here on The New 96.1 Joy-FM]:

[Yikesarillious201, via YouTube]

Finally, Prince, and his 80's hit "Raspberry Beret". There always seems to be a story or two behind Prince's music, and thanks to that 90's hit, "Pop Up Video", we can share it with you:

[mpd2l17, via YouTube]

What songs scream Summer to you? Share your Summertime favs with us, here or on our Facebook page. And spend your Labor Day weekend with us!