I can't believe it's gone by soooo fast!

My wife and I looked at the calender a couple weeks ago and couldn't believe Labor Day was just around the corner. So we started mapping out things we can squeeze in before the nice weather is gone.

  • Have a lazy day by the pool. I was thinking this weekend that it's almost time to close it up. While the weather is still warm, and before the kids are back to school, enjoy a day to do nothing.
  • Stuff yourself silly. Maybe you've been watching what you've been eating all summer, especially with cookout after cookout. You deserve to stuff your face with whatever you want.
  • Go for a looong drive. We've planned a couple day trips to spend with the kids, and they don't have to cost you a fortune. Throw in dinner, maybe an outdoor activity, and enjoy.
  • Plan a great fall date. While you are mapping things out for the nest few weeks, put something on the calender for September or October now.
  • Make a new recipe. Who knows, it might become a family favorite that you make all the time. If it stinks, throw a couple burgers on the grill and move on :)

Don't let summer slip away before you have a chance to take advantage of it.