If you're going to a disco party or are having a 70s retro blast, you might want to take some time to learn, or re-learn some of the classic 70s dance steps of the Disco Era.  Do you remember ‘The Hustle’, ‘The Bus Stop’ or ‘The Bump’? Surely you know how to do the ‘YMCA’. If not, enjoy these videos that are sure to bring back memories while making you a hit on the dance floor.

The Bump Dance

The Bump was easy as all you had to do was stand apart from one another and bump your hips to the beat.

Do The Hustle

Way back In 1975, singer Van McCoy got everyone on the dance floor to “Do The Hustle.” This is the dance that rose to fame from the movie Saturday Night Fever.


The YMCA was made popular by The Village People and if you want to do the dance accurately, rather than the way it's botched at wedding receptions, watch this video.

The Bus Stop

Simply start with your feet together in a line and facing the front of the room. Step back three times, starting with the right foot. On the third step, stop and tap your left foot against your right foot and clap. Enjoy!

The Funky Chicken Dance

No, it's not the ‘Chicken Dance’ you hear at weddings, this is one of the more bizarre 70s dances called ‘The Funky Chicken. From 1972, watch this crowd do the dance.

Happy disco dancing!

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