Finding out what's been going on with friends from high school or that you haven't seen in a while is fun.  Posting photos of your kids and sharing your life, fine.  There are no rules in Facebook, but there are some people that you just shouldn't friend.

1. Your boss.Seems to make sense, right? It probably isn't worth it.  Regardless of how you get along, do you really want them knowing your every move?  Plus, its hard to call in sick after a "rough night" if there is evidence on Facebook.  

2. Your ex.As tempting as it might seem, its probably not a good idea.  Its the old "I hope my life turned out better then yours".  I get it.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Why put yourself thru the anguish?

3. Your babysitter or nanny.Putting in the nanny cam is bad enough, friending the babysitter, even worse.  Do you really want to know what kind of shenanigans they get into when they are on their free time?  If you looked at your babysitters page, chances are you'd never find one, because you won't think they are good enough.  Side note, the dad friending the female sitter and vice versa, creepy.

4. Your new friend's boyfriend or girlfriend.In this case its not wait for the body to get cold, its wait for it to get warm.  What's your hurry?  unless you are one of those people that is just trying to boost your friend count.

5. People you just met.Before bombarding somebody with a friend request on Facebook, feel them out. Maybe they are not be the kind of person who likes to become online pals with anyone and everyone. Wait until they are truly a "friend", not just another to add to friend count (see above)