As you're preparing to head off to college, what will you need for your dorm room. I have researched a few suggestions:

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    A good nights sleep is crucial to a good education. Bring the comforter you have on your bed at home to college to help you relax at night.
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    Mini fridge/microwave combos

    You'll need easy access to drinks and snacks while studying. Keeping a small fridge and microwave in your dorm room will not only keep you in your room studying but also save you money because you'll be able to buy your items at the grocery store rather than a vending machine.
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    Bath Towels

    Here's where college students have a wake up call. Guess what? your mother is not going to do your laundry for you while you're at school. You have two options, wash your own dirty laundry or buy enough towels to last you until you can get home and convince mom to do it for you.
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    One thing you can not be too careful with at college is security. Keep you valuable items locked up while you're away at class in a secure box that is lockable. many college freshmen find out the hard way and end up having to replace expensive electronics or jewelry.
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    Things you don't normally think about are what you'll definitely need while at college. Flip flops or shower shoes because let's face it, sharing a bathroom with 50 other people is pretty unsanitary. Ear plugs to drown out that room mate who snores. Vitamins to ward off all the germs flying around the dormitory.  Toiletries, USB drives, and power strips.