I went to a wedding this past weekend.  

Apparently they weren't the only couple to get married, as my Facebook page was littered with pictures of people at weddings.

I haven't been to the a wedding in a while, and clearly some of the people there hadn't either. Time for some 2013 wedding etiquette.

1. Don't Wear White. This should really be a no brainer. That color is reserved for the bride.

2. Don't Take Pictures Behind The Photographer. With all this new age technology and smartphones, it is hard not to pull out your camera during a ceremony, but give them space and let them do their job. They are being paid a bunch of money for it.

3. Don't Post Photos of the Bride On Social Media Before She Does. Hello? Rude. It's her day -- let her have all the glory.

4. Don't Mention The Bride Or Groom's Ex. "Hey, aren't you glad you didn't end up marrying old what's his name?" Ehh. Not the best place to have that conversation.

5. Don't Wear Skimpy or Tight Clothes. There is nothing worse than showing up to a wedding and seeing a man or woman dressed in a manner that screams LOOK AT ME. Again, it's the couple's day, not a dating service. Have some tact.