Seems like every summer, prices go up on certain items, especially the ones you use the most.  

Here are five products that are increasing in price this summer.

1. Gasoline: Traditionally, gas prices spike during the summer.  Some forecasters expect gas prices to remain relatively flat this summer compared to last summer.

2. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: Summertime is usually a horn-of-plenty when it comes to enjoying fresh – and cheap – farm produce. But this summer, like last, we'll likely see scarcer supplies and higher prices for many fruits and vegetables due to record heat and drought conditions across much of the nation’s farmlands.

3. Beef: Drought conditions are also at least partially to blame for skyrocketing beef prices, which have already hit record highs just as the prime grilling season arrived. Chicken and pork have seen more modest increases and can be just as tasty as beef on the grill.

4. Utilities: The EPA estimates that the average U.S. household will have an electric bill of nearly $400 this summer. Peak demand for water during the summer months when everyone is watering the lawn is expected to result in rate increases and surcharges in some areas.

5. Beverages: Although summer sales prices for bottled water tend to be the lowest of the year, the restaurant industry has been steadily increasing the price of alcoholic beverages in recent months to make up for declining profits. All the more reason to break out the box wine and eat at home instead of dining out.