If you are buying something for your friend's kid for sweet revenge because they once gave something you'd rather they didn't to your kid, that's one thing. But they may return the favor to you someday, so beware.

What may seem like a cool or fun gift for a child may be something a parent isn't so fond of. For example:

Anything Loud


Anything loud or that makes noise.  My kids have had a few of these.  Unfortunately the "batteries ran out," and we never replaced them.

2. Lots Of Pieces


Toys with a million little pieces. Think about it. It's hard enough for you to keep these things straight. Imagine a kid. Sometimes when you lose a piece or pieces, the toy is worthless.

3. Musical Instruments

Digital Vision

Toy musical instruments. See #1. If a parent wants to get their child into an instrument,  let them, but don't get it for them (unless you have parents' permission).

4. Water Guns


Water guns. How much fun will they have in December with water guns? They sure aren't going to shoot them inside the house!

5. Crafts


Crafts. Maybe you're crafty and think it's a good idea, but it doesn't mean the parent is crafty, or even the kids. They're messy, and the project might look, well, not so good.

Take it from a parent: Really think about what you are getting a child before the purchase.