What else is there to do when you're bored?

1.  Defend things you don't really care about, just to get an argument going. So for example, when someone posts something about how they're sick of Justin Bieber, you defend him...even though you're probably sick of him too.

2.  Challenge people when they ask rhetorical questions. This one happens all the time. You post something on Facebook like "Why is it so hard for people to pick up after their dogs?" or "Why do Tuesdays always suck?" And you end up getting a two-paragraph response about how easy it is to forget a bag when you walk your dog in the morning...or how Tuesday is by far the BEST day of the week. The friend you're responding to might not hate you for it, but other people who read the post will.

3.  Constantly complain about how offended you are by things. Whether it's stuff about politics, or how terrible Kim Kardashian is, people get sick of it. A little complaining is expected...because it is Facebook after all. But just make sure your posts aren't dominated by complaints and grievances.

4.  Be sarcastic without being obvious about it. You don't have to worry about it when someone can hear the tone of your voice. But when you're writing something in an e-mail or on Facebook, you have to make it CLEAR that you're just joking. Otherwise, some people won't get it, and they'll think you're just a jerk.

5.  Only read the headline of a link someone shared, then comment on it anyway. Meaning, you don't actually read the article they linked to, so you don't know the context. But you act like an expert anyway.

Just a little "button pushing" of your friends to make this drizzly day go by.