Today was the kids first day back to school after a 10-day vacation! 

We can try all we want to get them to bed early and get them back into the swing, but the first day back is a bear -- hard for them to get up and hard for us to get them up.

Here are five possible ways to get your child out of bed after a few days off:

1. Banging the spoon on pots and pans.  Not sure anyone ever did that to me, but it "sounds" like a good idea.

2. Pouring water on them.  Yes, I've had water poured on me to wake my butt up.  If it happens to you once, you'll make sure it doesn't happen again.  Not fun.


3. Dragging them out of bed.  (I may have used this one this morning.)


4. Bright light.  Ever get a flashlight or room light shined in your face?  Not fun.

Michael Bentley

5. Continuously nagging or yelling.  Self explanatory.

What What

What tactics have you used?