Eleven-year-old Tyler Sullivan isn’t one to make excuses. He’s a good kid, who participates in class, and does his homework. But on Friday, Sullivan skipped school for the first time in his life, to meet President Barack Obama.

Tyler’s father, Ryan, introduced Obama before his speech at Honeywell, and Obama approached the family after the speech.

“First I said, ‘Hi, Mr. President.’ Then he says, ‘Hi Tyler, you must be out of school then,’” said Tyler.

Obama asked an aide for a pen and a card with presidential letterhead.

“Do you want me to write an excuse note? What’s your teacher’s name?” Tyler remembered. “And I say, ‘Mr. Ackerman.’ And he writes, ‘Please excuse Tyler. He was with me. Barack Obama, the president.”

This morning, Tyler will ask Mr. Ackerman (his teacher) to forgive him for missing class, and will have the backing of the President of the United States to help him out.

(From ABC News)