Halloween is quickly approaching and this weekend a majority off us will will be out for Halloween parties or going to bars! You'll be sure to see a lot of interesting costumes either way. Some original and some not so original. Made Man just released a list of costumes guys need to retire.  So ladies share this with your fellas, and guys take my advice.


These costumes may seem funny or creative, however they've been seen and done way too many times before. These are the Top 6 Costumes Guys Need to Stop Wearing according to mademan.com. I agree with this list entirely. Let me break down each costume on the list for you and why I think you need to avoid these!


1.) The Kissing Booth Costume- We've all seen that guy dressed as this. Desperately looking for a reason to have strangers come up and kiss him. DUDE, gross! Get a tinder account.


50 Shades of Greyno longer relevant magazine
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

Phallic costumes of any kind
Clark Kent Changing Into Superman

If you just read this list and are thinking "^&%^%%&^$@^#@#@ I was gonna go as one of these" back to the drawing board. It's really for the best.