This is the tiny face of a true hero.

As I mentioned this morning, I'm not trying to bring you down, but this may be the saddest thing you hear today.

I can't ignore it though. In the media, sometimes we're "forced" into somewhat glorifying people who die doing BAD things by showing their pictures and stating their names. Today I flip the script on that, as this 8-year-old boy, Tyler Doohan, truly is a hero whose face and name deserve to be known.

Tyler saved six family members from a house fire in Penfield (just outside Rochester) around 4:45 a.m. Monday morning. He went back in to the house to rescue his disabled grandfather and uncle. Tragically, he couldn't. The three of them ended up trapped, and perished in the fire. Reports say he was found laying on the bed with his two "best friends". His mom, Crystal Vrooman, said she was very proud of him...but just wants him back.

In true Western New York spirit, the community has come out to support Tyler's family. An online fundraising effort was launched shortly after the news broke, and as of this moment, it is already nearing $50,000.