As I tell my wife frequently, "Stop using the crdit card".  Maybe that's not as bad as I thought.  Here are 9 times where you should always use your credit card:


Many credit cards entitle cardholders to an extended warranty and price protection on items, such as electronics and appliances, that carry a warranty already.

Travel Accommodations

A few credit cards carry certain secondary travel insurance coverage that can spare the added expense when you are planning a trip. This can include trip cancellation service, accidental death or dismemberment coverage as well as emergency assistance services, so check with your issuer to see what they may cover.
Online Purchases

When it comes to making online purchases, “It’s just safer to use a credit card,” says Chris Mettler, founder of “There are more protections in place.”

Purchases From Service Providers

Along the same lines, it’s often a good idea to pay service providers, such as home contractors, hair dressers or landscaping companies, with a credit card (provided they accept them) since it offers certain protections if you’re ultimately dissatisfied with their work.

Concert Tickets

Many credit card issuers have relationships with certain concert venues that entitle their cardholders to first dibs on tickets.
Sometimes, credit card issuers will also offer the opportunity to get VIP access to an event. They also periodically offer discounts on the price of tickets.

Cellphone Bills

It’s not a bad idea to link monthly bills you are going to have to pay on a regular basis, such as a cellphone or a utility bill, to a credit card as opposed to a debit card.

If you pay through your bank account, you get nothing for it.  However, if you pay with a credit card, you can earn rewards off the purchases.

Overseas Purchases

In addition to the better fraud protections, many credit cards exempt cardholders from paying foreign transactions fees on purchases, which can be as high as 3% of each transaction.

Tax Deductible Items

It’s a good idea to charge items you plan on writing off on your taxes at the end of the year since the credit card bill itself can serve as a receipt of these charges.

Gym Memberships

You might also want to use a credit card as a firewall on a recurring charge you have to automatically link to a piece of plastic, like a gym membership. This will also entitle you to certain protections if at any point in time you have to dispute the charges.