Here's the 96.1 Joy FM Throwback Lunch from 07/31/14 with DJ Mike Setlock from Signature Entertaiment on The New 96.1 Joy FM!

96.1 Joy FM Throwback Lunch Hour 7/31/2014

Segment 1

1.       I Wanna Be The One- Stevie B
2.       Another Night- Real McCoy
3.       I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
4.       Lookout Weekend- Debbie Deb
5.       You Dropped The Bomb- Gap Band
6.       Do You Wanna Funk- Sylvester

Segment 2

1.       We’ve Got It Goin’ On- Backstreet Boys
2.       Object Of My Desire- Starpoint
3.       Emotions- Mariah Carey
4.       Escapade- Janet Jackson 
5.       Because Of You- Cover Girls
6.       Bust A Move- Young MC