When bringing a new life into the world, it takes a toll on the people around you, let alone yourself.

However, keeping people away, especially an important figure in the unborn child's life, may cause more turmoil than necessary.

Dear Delilah,

I'm 20-years-old and 20 weeks pregnant with my first child. The father of my child wants to be in her life but I don't want him to. He doesn't get it. I already have another gentleman friend who is in my life and wants us to be together as a family. I'm afraid to tell the father of my unborn baby that there is someone else in my life who wants to adopt our child and raise her when she's born. My parents hate the father of my unborn child. What can I do? Sadie

Dear Sadie,

If the father of your unborn child wants to help raise his child, he has every right to do that. You need to sit down and have a conversation with him and see where his heart his at. But just because you have decided to move on and get involved with somebody else doesn't negate the fact that this is his baby too. Imagine after the baby was born you let your daughter go stay with her bio father who had a new girlfriend. And the girlfriend said, "Don't let this child go back to her mother; I want to raise this child as my own." You would have a fit as you should! You need to talk to your baby's daddy and find out where his heart is and where his maturity level is before you make any choices. As for the new boyfriend who is talking about adopting your baby...if you're only 20 weeks along you haven't been with him long enough to determine if he is the kind of person to follow thru on that commitment. So slow down...take it easy and just focus on your pregnancy right now. That's my advice. Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post