Relationships can be tough at times, especially when your family doesn't approve.

Delilah shares a dilemma from one of her listeners that involves the struggle between her relationship and her family.

Dear Delilah,

I'm drenched in tears because yesterday I ended a relationship with someone I've been dating for a few months. I've known him for a few years but recently it grew into something deeper. This man turned out to be everything I ever wanted - he is stable, loyal, honest and trustworthy. He is a kind and gentle man who has not let me down and shows consistency in his feelings for me. Yesterday I ended the relationship because this man is a different race and religion and my family would not be happy to see me date outside of my traditional orthodox culture. I wonder if I made a mistake. Will I be able to find the qualities of this lovely man again in someone who is from the same culture as me? I am only 24 and I know I have time, but I can't help thinking that this was my opportunity for true love. Please help me.

Sincerely, Arlene

Dear Arlene,

If you belong to an orthodox culture, it's because of a deep and abiding faith, so ask the One who is the center of your entire world whether or not you should be with this man and then be willing to endure the consequences if you decide he is the man for you. Because those consequences may well mean you will be excommunicated by your faith or disowned by your family. But you know what? Real love can withstand many tests, and over time your loved ones may come to see that and bring you back into their fold. What it comes down to, however, is that you are an adult and you are capable of making healthy choices for yourself. Good luck and God bless you with true love.


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Rachel Specht contributed to this post