About a week ago, our midday personality Heather Davis pointed out that, in the classic smackdown between dogs and cats, she has become a dog person. I like both dogs and cats. But if I had to select one kind of animal, it would be the cat [I'll explain why in a future post].

Christmas is just a week away. If you're planning to give your kids, or your spouse, a cat. you'd better know how to wrap it.

No, you can't wrap a dog and place him or her under the tree. But you can do it with a cat. As a community service, here's how:

It's probably safe to say that any animal shelter in Western New York has at least a couple of cats to choose from. As Drew Carey says, please have your new cat spayed or neutered. And imagine the surprise next Tuesday when someone gets to unwrap the new pet!

(Yeah, a dog would probably give you the same degree of excitement on Christmas morning. But it's not a cat, is it? Is it? )