Many things in life are unexpected, but that's what keeps life exciting.

Delilah shares a story from a loyal listener that is anything but ordinary:


My husband and I got the name of our daughter from your show. I was driving around, listening to your show, thinking of how I could be a better mother to my child than my mom was to me. She is a horrible person. She did a lot of unspeakable things to me as I grew up, and let the man she married abuse me. She then chose him over me and gave me up to the state.

Anyway, you had a caller named Valerie. She spoke of her amazing relationship with her mother. What she described is EXACTLY what I wanted for me and my child. The gender was still unknown at the time but we had a boy named picked out, after my husband’s father who had passed away. And after hearing that wonderful story from your caller we had a girl’s name picked out too -- Valerie.

We ended up having a beautiful, healthy Valerie months later. Thank you for your wonderful show.


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Rachel Specht contributed to this post