Spring is the time of year to get things organized and cleaned after being cooped up all winter.

Delilah suggests a Spring fling, flinging the clutter out of your life that is.

It's time for a spring fling of sorts - but I'm not talking about the romantic kind. Instead, this is the kind where you fling the clutter out of your life for good. It's a spring clean of things we no longer need.

I usually start with my closet and fling those thick sweaters and boots into big boxes to store away for next winter. Then I take everything off the shelf, off the hangers, out of the dresser, and start digging thru it, flinging aside things I haven't put on for a couple years. Or things that make me look frumpy. Or things that make me looked "packed in." Do a little fashion show and really get honest with yourself about what makes you look and (more importantly) feel good.

Don't forget to go thru your make up, hair accessories, shoes, jewelry and other things that get lost in your bedroom or bathroom. You'll feel so good about your refreshed and organized personal space, you might even get a wild hair to clean up other parts of the home - like the pantry (gasp!).

If you have a great spring fling tip to make cleaning and organizing fun or more effective, share it with me at today.

'Till we meet over the airwaves tonight...

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post