Did you love everything you got for Christmas? No? Well, don't feel badly. Most people have at least one or two gifts they just don't want. If re-gifting is not an option for you, and you follow a few simple tips, returning gifts is an easy, fairly painless process that lets you have what you really want.

First and foremost, don't wait. No matter what other rules individual stores may have, most allow you only a limited time to return items.

Other tips:

- Know the store's rules.

Some stores will give cash refunds, while others offer only store credit. Knowing what you can get will save you time trying to argue for things you can't. Exchanges rules are usually printed on the store receipt [see next item]; if not, call the store to find out.

- Have receipts.

The National Retail Foundation says receipts are the key to easier returns. Some stores may allow you to return merchandise without them, but you will only get credit for the lowest price an item sold at.

- Keep all packaging, tags, labels, etc.

Some stores will not accept items without the original packaging.

- Be nice to store employees.

This is under the "they're human beings too" listing. There's no reason to be rude to store staff trying to help with your exchange.

-Try this for gift cards you don't want.

Check out www.GiftCardExchangeDay.com. It's available today only, and allows you to get cash for unwanted gift cards.

This should make the return process for purchased gifts a little easier. If the gift was handmade, however, you're pretty much on your own. If you really just can't wear that sweater your colorblind aunt knitted for you, consider donating it to a clothing drive. You'd be surprised how many freezing people will wear something you wouldn't on a bet.