Beer is not just for drinking anymore! We wanted to pass this story on to you about household uses for beer that you may never have thought of! Feel free to add your ideas too!

Chris Barnes, a blogger for The Huffington Post, says that growing up with German relatives he realized early on that beer was important. As an adult though, he found more uses for brew than one might realize. Check out a few of his suggestions:

Beer as a sleep aid. No, you don't drink it.  Apparently you can mix a little in with your sheets and pillow cases in the washer.  The scent may help relax you into a good night's sleep.

Beer for your garden. If you've got issues with slugs and snails, why not get them drunk?  The idea is to leave out a small dish of beer overnight.  Slugs and snails apparently like the beer better than your plants.  (I'm not sure if they actually get drunk, but you get the idea.)

Beer for your Furniture. Flat beer apparently doubles as a wood replenisher.  Beer can also be used to polish metal at home.