He shoots... He scores!  (Or She shoots... She scores!)  What a great feeling to watch your son or daughter fly down the ice, take a great shot and put the puck in the net -- or maybe if they're on "D", keep one from going in!  I love to watch my son, and his Saints teammates play hockey.  The game's a lot harder than it looks...

A few years ago, I was on the ice with my son at a skating party...  and he blew me away, with speed and his ability to negotiate the puck.  I was challenged, to say the least... and I've been on skates since I was a little girl!  Ryan has been playing hockey since he was 3-years-old.  I remember he could hardly stand on his skates the first few times we went out on the ice...  now, it's hard to knock him off of them!  What a lesson in perserverance.  Hockey, and sports in general,  teach many lessons.  The kids learn to work hard at practice, be disciplined, how to be a good sport when they win big and humility when the lose big.  They learn to never give up when they come back from a deficit to win a big game.  They learn that sometimes, life's not fair when the ref makes a bad call.  They learn to work as a team.  They laugh, make friends -- and make memories. 

We  were at a hockey tournament in Pittsburgh last weekend.  Fifteen families and one hotel that may never be the same!  My husband, Jerry is the head coach.  My daughter, Jenna, brought a friend.  Add Ryan and myself - all five of us crammed into one little room with a king bed and sofa couch!  (It was actually pretty comfy.)  Among the weekend highlights off the ice...  the hotel fire alarm went off about 11pm, forcing us into the lobby.  Lots of mini-stick games or knee hockey if you prefer! Eating out... table for 50 please?  That usually makes the hostess look twice.  Cheerleading...  Jenna and the other girls would win the award for loudest and best hockey cheerleaders!  Shopping, and lots of it... including a trip to the Grove City Outlets!  (You have to check this one out...  great prices and no tax!  Only about 2-and-a-half hours from Buffalo!)  A Hockey Mom's dream weekend...  lol!  It really was fun!

I try to think of life - backwards sometimes.  I wonder what my kids will remember when they are older?  I remember family, baseball games, parties, holidays...  all the fun times we had when I was a kid.  I want my kids to look back someday and say, remember when...  and hockey will be one of those things I think they'll remember.   

My daughter, btw, is considering taking her turn on the ice next season.  She's been learning to skate and shoot this winter.  Now, this, is a Hockey Dad's dream!  (If there was a "like" button here, my husband would be hitting it... Jerry would love to see Jen play hockey!)

I'd love to hear your hockey mom stories... please feel free to blog below!