It's hard for a mother to figure out what's right for her son or daughter in tough situations.

In the case of Nissa, a loyal listener of Delilah, she explains what she knew was right for her daughter at the time of having to put her up for adoption and what blessings came out of doing so.


I have a great story to share. Almost 19 years ago I did the hardest thing any woman can do, and placed a beautiful baby girl for adoption. I knew at the time it was the right thing to do and I consoled myself with the knowledge that I had helped to make a family.

The couple that I chose to place my baby with had tried for 11 years to conceive to no avail. I knew she was in the right home with the right family but I of course still missed her tons. I did end up getting married five years later and creating a wonderful family with my husband. We have four beautiful children who are growing up way too fast. But in my heart my family was not complete. I hoped I would be able to see my baby again. I prayed that she would want to meet me and not resent me for "giving her away."

Well my dreams came true and my prayers were answered when last May I was able to meet her and her parents. When I walked into their home and gave them hugs, it felt like we were family reuniting after a long absence. Now my daughter and I talk and text all the time. My kids love her as well as my husband and she comes and stays with us whenever she can. I am so grateful to have her in my life and now my heart is full!

A loving and blessed birth mom,

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post