Keeping the Buffalo Bills here is very important.  But at what price?

So just looking at what this mammoth structure would look like is pretty cool.  Would it be nice to say that we have it here, in Buffalo?  Yes. A hundred times yes.

But the price tag is a little hard to swallow. $1.4 billion.  Lets face it, the economy isn't exactly booming.  Would you buy a nicer, more expensive house just because it would be a luxury?

Lets dive a little deeper.  It wouldn't just be a stadium for the Bills.  it would turn into a 20,000 indoor/outdoor concert venue and a new convention center.  Plus, its on the waterfront.  There would also be a hotel, indoor parking, and many more businesses.  The 5 years it would take to open would definitely bring jobs here.

Lets not count our chickens yet.  The NFL has to approve it as well as many layers of government in New York.  Guess we'll wait and see.