What a day I had! 

Every day we try to keep it all together.  Shuffling our kids from one location to another.  making sure their school stuff is done.  Have they eaten? Clearly a 24 hour a day job.

My wife recently had surgery so she can't drive, to do laundry or cook, so I've been extra busy.

I took a half day today to take my kids for a yearly check up at their doctors.  No big deal.

We went to the doctors, no problems.  Couple of flu vaccinations (the kind through the nose, not the shots) and I dropped them off to school.

I went home to change and get ready to come to work when I get a phone call from the school.  Never good, right?

My 1st grader, Matthew got sick and I had to run and pick him up.  Poor thing.  I got there and it looked like he had gotten punched in the eye (he didn't).

Turns out he had some sort of reaction to the flu shot.  Back to the doctors I went.

Finally got him home and settled with mom and came in to work.

What a day.  I'm not complaining, just sharing.  Share a great parenting story with me, below.