Attaining a pen pal is a great way to expand the thoughts and knowledge for a child.

However, who knew it could even help with attaining a relationship for more than just the child.

Dear Delilah,

My grandson was doing a writing project for school and it was to write to a soldier. So I went online and got a list of local soldiers for him to consider. He chose a man named Brad. Shortly after they started writing my marriage of 20 years had come to an end. Meanwhile, Brad the pen pal came home. Because of my grandson, he and I started talking. After a year and a half we became very close friends.

In 2009 he was deployed to Iraq, but he stayed in contact with us. When Brad came home this time, we all met for the first time. When our eyes met it was love at first sight. We connected right away and found we had so much in common. Brad went home to Indiana and comes to our area once a month to visit us.

I never thought long-distance relationships could work but I have a different outlook now. I am so happy to have discovered this wonderful man! And approval from the family is not a problem. He has been hinting about future plans and I'm patiently (NOT!) waiting to hear what they are.

God bless you,

Have YOU ever become friends or more with a person long distance? Share by commenting below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post