It’s only mid-August, and it already feels like the longest political season on record. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe the disappointing candidates, but many Americans are crying out for a candidate who might actually change the game.  I’m no political expert, but I think I may have found him, running for the US Senate in Virginia.

He’s Hank The Cat, and he approves this story.

According to his campaign, Hank enjoys sleep, attention, and cheese [not an attempt to pander to the mouse vote; he’s enjoyed cheese since his pre-political days].

Hank’s campaign is not without a little controversy: Hank’s lack of a Social Security number has so far kept him off the Virginia ballot [a write-in campaign seems his only chance, but since most animals can’t write, a key part of his support may be disenfranchised]. And there’s the question of his most recent campaign ad:


I hate the idea of crossing species lines in the voting booth. Maybe, though, it’s time to give cats their chance. They can’t do worse than most of the current crop of politicos…

[If you’re interested, you can find Hank political souvenirs on eBay, with all proceeds benefitting animal rescue groups]