Almost every time I go to a busy place with a large parking lot (think grocery store, Target, Walmart, etc.), I'm all but guaranteed to get in a good 5K when I leave.  That's because I NEVER remember where I park.

I always TRY to make a conscious effort to note exactly where I'm parking AS I leave the car.  I look for the giant numbers/letters on the lampposts, or gauge which cart-return I'm closest to.

Even so, apparently that information goes into my SHORT-short-term-memory space in my brain.  Because within seconds, I'm on to another thought, like wondering if I'll get the slowest cashier or if the store will actually have the fennel I came for.

This is kind of silly, but hey, if it works, it works.

Of course, lets not pay attention to what appears to be a garbage-bag-wrapped body in the trunk...we think that was just some comic relief.

Either that, or you'll see this whole thing on Dateline soon.

What's the best method YOU use to remember where you parked?