I'm often reduced to tears with ANY story that has to do with dogs, happy or sad. This one had me weeping two weeks in a row.

Last week's Wet Nose Wednesday dog, "Oz", had a tough story for me to get through...but when I got this email from a Joy FM listener named Becky, my sad tears turned to those of absolute glee.

Laura D,

I thought you'd like to know that "Oz" has found his forever home! I listen to your show each morning on the way to work but I hadn't heard of Wet Nose Wednesday. As fate would have it, I was running late last Wednesday morning waiting for the mechanics to open so I could drop off my car and I heard you tell "Oz's" story.
My husband and I have been thinking about adopting another dog for a little while, because our dog Buddy (whom we rescued as a puppy 12 years ago in July) is finally calming down in his old age (or so we thought). Hearing "Oz's" story set my lip quivering as I tried to drink my morning coffee and I felt I had to help the little guy.
We went to the shelter that night and met him. Honestly, he wasn't all that interested in us (the biscuits seemed to be beckoning to him more than our affection), but I wanted to give him another chance. So, on Saturday we were able to schedule a "meet and greet" with "Oz" and Buddy. As soon as we arrived at the shelter "Oz" came running up to the fence to great us, he remembered us, and then I knew he'd be ours and we'd be his.
Monday I picked him up from the vets (sorry he's no longer a man; pound puppies have it rough) and he's enjoyed getting to know his forever home and his new brother.
As you know, he was in pretty rough shape. His coat is worn to the skin in spots, he was recovering from pneumonia, and he is suffering from hot-spots, but he'll make it. He already looks better!
He has had several super cute moments already: Like when he learned to drink from a faucet (apparently he had never done this before and the look on his face was precious as he tried to copy Buddy drinking the stream of water from the outside faucet); or when I put coconut oil on his hot spots (the realization of his face that not only does it taste great, but it feels good too)! He loves his new toys and seems to thoroughly enjoy not having to wear a collar all day!
I can't thank you enough for sharing his story and helping Buddy get a younger brother.
I really mean it- Thank you!

P.S. and his name is Gus now (like on "UP" or "Cinderella") it suits him

No Becky, thank YOU. And here are some pics of "Gus" in his new home....Looks like he's gonna be juuuuuuust fine! :)

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