There are some very diverse characters who live in a small fictitious town called Landview, and after 43 years of sharing their lives with us every afternoon, the cast of ABC's "One Live To Live" will bid farewell on this Friday's series finale.

There is much speculation as to how the series will end, but I guess long time fans will ultimitely have to watch to see what happens. I personally hope that the ending is more creative than the gunshot cliff-hanger that occured at the end of "All My Children" this past September.

In preparation of the series final, ABC's "The View" will dedicate an entire hour to the past 43 years of "One Life To Live." Erika Slezak (Viki Lord) will be featured as a guest co-host, while creator Agnes Nixon will be present in the audience.

The special edition of "The View" will air on Friday, January 13th at 11:00AM, followed by the series finale of "One Life To Live" at 2:00PM on ABC.

~Keith Kelly