Let me count the ways I have wished my stylist lived in my home and could do  my hair every morning. I'm still counting. I know I am not Mariah and I don't have a salon in my house but here are some ways to do a blow out yourself.  

  • Start with wet hair and gently towel dry. Don't ruffle or fluff the hair in the towel, this could lead to tangling
  • Don't overuse product if you have thin or oily hair.
  • Part your hair in sections and begin in the front. with your rounded brush and a little tensions aim the dryer at the roots and move along the length
  • Add volume by drying section in the opposite direction and pin curl
  • To make your blow out last lightly spritz and avoind playing in it if you can

This is a great way to tone your arms in the morning. A great blowout takes practice.