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 Fans of Adele have flooded the Internet, especially Twitter,with rumors that she has throat cancer. This comes in the wake of the announcement Sunday that the "Rolling In The Deep" singer has cancelled the rest of her 2011 appearances to undergo surgery on her vocal cords.

The rumors started after a vaguely-worded statement was released by her management [you can find it here]. While it notes that Adele will undergo surgery, it neither confirms or denies the throat cancer rumors. Some of the tweets [you can follow the conversation on Twitter with the hash tag #prayforadele] say that Adele actually has a partially-ruptured vocal cord, or vocal cord hemorrhage. 

The normal proceedure for this type of injury is extended rest, which would explain the cancellations. But the fact that surgery is the treatment may have started the worries about Adele's health. No word yet when that surgery is scheduled, or if Adele's team will release more information on her case.

While researching this story, I found this video; it features footage of Adele recording her very successful album 21. At several points, Adele is seen smoking cigarettes, questionable behavior for anyone, but especially singers.

[adelelondon, via YouTube]