It was only the end of June when Brit songstress Adele announced she was expecting. Now one web site reports the baby could be here very, very soon [if you're planning on a baby gift, you may want to start looking now].

British gossip site says Adele has been preggers for some time, in fact as early as February, right around the time she took home six Grammys for her song "Rolling In The Deep" and her album 21. That Grammy ceremony, by the way, was the first time she appeared in public with boyfriend Simon Knoecki [reportedly very close to proposing].

An insider told Heat magazine [parent of] that Adele has kept a very low profile in recent months, so as to "keep this to herself as long as possible." (Good for her, says I ...)

You're probably not planning to send Adele a baby gift, but what item or items do you usually give to expecting parents? Something useful? Something fun? Something not fitting into either category? Tell us what you give [or would like to get] here, or on our Facebook page.