Adele just released her video for "Someone Like You".  Adele's music is reminiscent of another era, her voice delivers pain in an artistically beautiful way. Her 21 album is about heartbreak a and a hard knocks love life.  In her song "Someone Like You" she speaks of an old lover who she is revisiting hoping that maybe he too is stuck in time.

She finds that he has moved on with someone else and she wishes them the best. Aaahhh this sucks!!  What coulda, shoulda, woulda been.  Imagine if he too were single and thinking of her. This would be too easy. I love this song. If you have ever wondered what ever happeneed of your past love from another life this is it.

The video is shot in black and white with the main focus on Adele walking through the park thining, reminiscing and being the brave ex-love. There are no major effects, pyrotechnics or dancers. Just good music and the star Adele singing. This womans voice is bold enough to stand alone without music, dancers and lights.  Listen for "Someone Like You' while you work on the new 96.1 Joy FM