Better not drink that extra cup of coffee or grab an extra cookie!

Can you imagine being told to step on the scale at the airport?!

Samoa Airline plans to start pricing tickets according to the weight of passengers and their bags. The airline first implemented the policy for certain routes last year and now plans on doing it for its new route to American Samoa.

What an outrage!  Who would fly this airline?  What if all the major airlines adopt this policy?

Not to mention how degrading it is.

Each kilogram (2.2 pounds) costs 93 cents to $1.06, depending on the flight. That means the average American adult man weighing 195 pounds with a 35-pound bag would pay $97 to go one way from Apia, Samoa to Pago Pago, American Samoa.

It’s bad enough being personally invaded going through airport security. Can you imagine having to step on a scale? In public?!?!