I don't know Alyssa Loschiavo or her family. I don't know her friends. Sadly I found out about her through a Facebook post put up by my wife Corinna.

Some background on Alyssa (from the essay posted by her father). Alyssa Loschiavo was struck by a van in May of 2011 and suffered severe head trauma. Within an hour of the accident doctors preformed a Craniotomy, repaired a collapsed lung and fought massive internal bleeding. Physicians and Surgeons didn’t expect her to live. As news of the accident spread through social media thousands of individuals from countries as far as Norway and Germany and states as far away as California and Texas rallied for Alyssa and her family.

More than 10,000 people joined a “Pray for Alyssa” page on social media to support her and her fight. Alyssa is in a semiconscious state not able to speak a word since the accident.

Alyssa has many challenges in front of her already beating some that would have placed her in home permanently. Alyssa's (and her family's) challenge now is transportation. Her needs include what could be a lifetime of doctors visits and therapy trips.

Her family has submitted an essay in hopes to win a "wheelchair-accessible van" to help in her transportation now that she is home.

Here is what you can do to help Alyssa click here and VOTE

You can vote once every 24 hours.

(from NMEDA)