America's favorite train wreck, Amanda Bynes (sorry, Lindsay, you've been replaced), was spotted in Buffalo yesterday (May 30)...

...She was wandering around by herself. A guy caught her on the street and asked her why she was in Buffalo. She told him she wasn't in Buffalo. (???)

...She also spent some time jumping around at Sky Zone, sporting a dark brown wig...yet she denies it was even her (even though she had to sign a safety waiver with her name, Amanda Bynes, and sports the same tattoos as, well, Amanda Bynes).

Seems like it was just yesterday she had her first mugshot. Don't they grow up and get crazy so fast these days!

The kicker?  Rush'N'Go Traffic Reporter to the Stars, Gordon Scherer, had a three-degrees-of-Amanda-Bynes run-in. His wife owns a small boutique, Anna Grace, on Elmwood, and apparently Ms. Bynes took a the door. Said a source, "She just kinda walked in, stood there looking at the door, and walked out."

Keep up the great work, Amanda. (PS...You WERE in Buffalo, dude.)