Anyone out there a fan of The Amazing Race ? Well, I'm guessing some of you must be. After all, it's won the Emmy for "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program" every year but one since the award was created in 2003. Its host [and producer] Phil Keoghan has claimed the Emmy for best reality show host eight times. But there's more to it than that.

First of all, the show gives viewers glimpses of a world very few of us are going to see otherwise. Race producers seem to have a special ability to select fascinating places for the contestants to visit. The stunts teams must accomplish to continue their journeys usually connect to the culture of the country being visited. And, lest we forget, Niagara Falls was the finish line for one season of the series. 

But for me, the best thing is that The Amazing Race seems to encourage its contestants to behave in a decent manner.Players frequently help each other out, at least in the earlier rounds, and the show's challenges frequently aid local charities. Last night, for instance, teams had to raise a set amount of money working in an Asian metropolis. Then, they had to drop off the money at an orphanage. But not just the money they earned:


But a few people got the message:


Are you an Amazing Race fan? What's the most interesting place the show has visited? Have they missed any really spectacular locations? And who was your favorite team? The conversation starts here, and on our Facebook page.