Try to pick up the pieces after hearing this news, but America is facing down a crisis, and it's a sad one. Sad enough that you should grab your red grease paint and draw a giant frown on your face.

Since I'm irrationally terrified of clowns, the NATIONWIDE CLOWN SHORTAGE is music to my ears. But according to the head of Clowns of America International (yes, there is one), new clowns just aren't signing up as fast as they used to, nor fast enough to replace the old clowns who are heading to the great big tent in the sky.

Since 2004, the number of working clowns in the country has dropped from 3,500 to 2,500. Head Clown, Glen Kohlberger, says the big problem is getting kids who love the circus today to consider going pro.

Another reason people might not be interested in becoming clowns? It's a tough way to make an average salary of $38,000 per year.

Do you feel like you're working for a clown? Do you feel like you're viewed as a clown at work? Do you just know you are sick of clownin' around with others in your industry (circus or not) and not making it? Or...on the other you WISH you were a clown (not sure Ringling Brother's will be at the event...but...)?

The WNY Diversity Job Fair is Tuesday, March 18 at the Buffalo Convention Center. Thousands of job seekers can meet with hundreds of hiring staffing agencies, local businesses and maybe a few clown recruiters (???).

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